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Issue 12



  • Risk Management Model in Infrastructure Road Projects

J. Mancheva

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  • Challenges in Dimensioning and Static Model of 3D Concrete Printed Vertical Element

R. Zaharieva, S. Parwanova, V. Kardjiev, G. Dobbelaere

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  • Towards A Strategic Plan for the Introduction of Building and Information Modeling in the Construction Industry in Bulgaria

M. Kouteva-Guentcheva, B. Georgiev, Kr. Boshnakov

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  • Comparative Review of Bentley Systems Software Plant Functions for Modeling and Analysis of Construction Structures

Tr. Tzvetkova, T. Filev, М. Kouteva-Guentcheva, Kr. Boshnakov

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  • Experimantal Investigation of modified braces for low-cycle fatigue endurance

Tzv. Georgiev, O. Ganchev, Tr. Tsvetkova 

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  • An Experimental Study on Glued-In Steel Rods Subjected to Combined Axial and Lateral Loading

M. Shopski

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  • Experimantal Investigation of Different Types of Steel Links for Eccentrically Braced Frames

B. Gancheva, Tzv. Georgiev, O. Ganchev, St. Raykov

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  • Numerical Study on Timber – Epoxy Resine – Perforated Steel Plates Connections Under Axial Loadings

T. Georgiev, V. Tanev

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  • Timber Structures from the National Revival Period in the Settlements Along the Valley of the Mesta River

P. Gruewa, V. Tanev

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  • Methodological Guidelines for Evaluation and Selection of Projects on Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Modernization of Irrigation Systems and Equipments

N. Banishka, M. Vasileva

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  • Role of Master Plans in Spatial Planning of Agricultural Areas

N. Yarlovska

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  • Proposal for a Sign System for Spatial Design of Agricultural Territories

N. Naydenov

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  • Establishment of a National Gravimetric Calibration Line

Sl. Gospodinov, E. Peneva, T. Lambeva, I. Radev 

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  • Preservation of Architectural Heritage in Devetaki Plateau – Architectural and Constructive Survey of the Holy Ascension Church in the Village of Kramolin, Bulgaria

M. Metalkova-Markova, M. Traykova, R. Hadjieva-Zaharieva, L. Grigorov, P. Kyoseva

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  • Local Level Strategic Spatial Plans in Bulgaria: Expected and Real Contribution to the Process Towards Sustainable Development

E. Dimitrova, M. Tasheva-Petrova, A. Burov, I. Mutafchiiska 

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