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During mobility

1. Attend UACEG Welcome Day

You will receive by mail information for the exact day and hour accordingly.

2. Arrival Form – Fill your home university form and send it to the UACEG International Office at aceint@uacg.bg on the first day of your arrival at the University. 

3. Dormitory registration form - download it from here:


 4. Update your Learning Agreement for studies  - Changes to Learning agreement

You will be provided with the time schedule of the respective coordinator so you can make an arrangement to make the changes. Please note that you have one month from the start of the semester to make them. Both institutions and the student approve and sign the Learning Agreement -During the mobility. 

N.B. Courses in LA before +/-  courses in LA During the mobility = courses in LA after the mobiltiy.


5. Take your student's book from the International office - this is your official enrollment document. 

6. Improve your language skills

7. Go to classes, including sports activities (schedule attached)

8. Get involved and integrated

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the largest student organisations in Europe. It exists in over 100 higher education institutions in over 40 countries, with partnerships with many higher education institutions to develop new and emerging opportunities all the time.
In its 35-year history, the ESN has helped over 350,000 local and international students before, during and after Erasmus+ mobility. Today the organisation has more than 15 000 active members who are volunteers. It is a non-governmental organisation based on established and well-established values that are a hallmark of Erasmus programmes, and it is the only one authorised by the European Union for its activities.
All organisations imitating the activities of the ESN, its logo, its ideas and its claims are not approved by us and have nothing to do with the organisation. Any activities that are organised by copycat organisations or with similar activities that are not ESN do not work with the University and we cannot guarantee your safety with them. The International Department and the ESN work directly with each other and every activity, activity and event of the ESN is under the knowledge and control of the partner universities. The organisation is voluntary and the volunteers involved do not benefit financially from their activities. The ESN is based on the idea "Students helping students" and is completely voluntary. All funds raised are used entirely for the activities of the organisation and nothing beyond that. Any excursion or other event taking place outside the city in which the ESN is based, organised for Erasmus students, is carried out in partnership with a professional travel company in order to ensure maximum safety during the trip for all students involved. During the organisation of this type of activity, no expense is spared in terms of insurance, accommodation and other types of mandatory elements for the organisation of the trip. ESN strictly observes the safety rules required by the EU and ESN International.