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International Student Week in Timișoara - first 5 students from UACEG without application!

06.04.2023, ЦМДМ

Students from all around the world aged between 18 and 30 years old are invited to Timișoara, Romania between 24th of July and 1st of August 2023 to talk about important worldwide issues, discover other cultures, and experience the Romanian lifestyle.

If you want to participate in this unique experience, fill up the following form for a chance to join us: https://iswint.ro/register-to-ISWinT-2023.

The first 5 students who will complete the form from your university will have the opportunity to participate in the festival being exempt from the selection process.

During ISWinT, students will take part in a series of workshops to highlight the theme of this edition of the festival, “Connecting the dots”. Through this year's workshops and activities, we aim to draw attention to what connects us all and on the importance of improving the communities we live in. To highlight this topic, we have chosen 4 tracks for our workshops: “Society without boundaries”, “Health and well-being”, “Developing our town” and “Education done right”. They aim to solve real problems that are faced on a daily basis nowadays.

Let’s make this summer the greatest!

Visit our site for more details: https://iswint.ro/.

Източник: Politehnica University Timișoara