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Once upon a time in TryavNA


The 49th National Assembly of ESN Bulgaria was held on 11-12.11.2023 in Tryavna.

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  • ЕСН в Трявна
  • ЕСН в Трявна - участници
  • ЕСН в Трявна - борда

Six representatives from our university took part in the meeting, namely the students Gabriela Atanasova, Daniela Doneva, Gergana Atanasova, Sevgi Vatansever, Cathy Manovska and Asya Rachovska.
The students were representatives of ESN UASG and organizers of the event. As they received many awards and congratulatory comments for the well organized event.
During the meeting were discussed many topics for the future of the organization and a vote was held to appoint an Audit Committee for ESN Bulgaria. Among the sessions that took place, we discussed topics about the Alumni Representatives of ESN Bulgaria and the creation of an Alumni Council for the same organization. Certain changes to the statutes of ESN Bulgaria related to the structure of the organization were voted and adopted and ESN UASG took a strong part in voting on the relevant changes.

Source: ESN УАСГ