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3+ week in-person summer schools in Czech Republic - deadline extended
25.05.2023, Masaryk University
Join the 3+ week in-person summer schools of Masaryk University and travel outside of Brno on excursions to Prague, Vienna, Krakow and/or Budapest! The aApplication deadline is extended to 31 May 2023.  
Студенти от Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart гостуваха на УАСГ
18.05.2023, ЦМДМ
За поредна година студенти от Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart посещават УАСГ за да осъществят редовната си международна учебна си практика в ...
Кандидатстване за студентска мобилност с цел ПРАКТИКА по програма Еразъм+ 2023/2024 / Програмни страни - ВТОРА ПОКАНА
17.05.2023, ЦМДМ
Център за международна дейност и мобилност (ЦМДМ) към УАСГ обявява конкурс за набиране на кандидати за осъществяване на мобилност по ...
Free! Call for Participation: GPBL ITS-KONE-BRAUIC 2023
 As one of the Global Campus: Exchange Program for Summer Schools, we offer GPBL 2023 under the topic of The Future of Sustainable Building: Innovation and Collaboration. This time, ITS Surabaya in collaboration with KONE Corporation and the ...
Source: BRAUIC Secretariat
Open registration for the 2023 Humanities Summer School - onlline program of University of Bergamo
07.04.2023, ЦМДМ
The summer school will be held in collaboration with Fairleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey) from 19 June to 14 July 2023. The deadline for registration is 15 May 2023.
Source: University of Bergamo (Italy)
International Student Week in Timișoara - first 5 students from UACEG without application!
06.04.2023, ЦМДМ
Students from all around the world aged between 18 and 30 years old are invited to Timișoara, Romania between 24th of July and 1st of August 2023 to talk about important worldwide issues, discover other cultures, and experience the Romanian ...
Source: Politehnica University Timișoara
Покана за участие в словашката стипендия за чуждестранни студенти, преподаватели и учени 2023/224 г.
06.04.2023, ЦМДМ
Отворена покана за подаване на заявления за Националната стипендиантска програма на Словашката република в подкрепа мобилността ...
Source: Посолство на Словашката република в София
Summer Internship at University of Bielsko-Biala, Poland
The summer internship is offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.   For additional information, please write at international@ath.bielsko.pl. As for the summer internship, the date of submitting applications ...
Source: University of Bielsko-Biala
3+ week in person summer schools - Masaryk University - Czech Republic
22.03.2023, MU
Our 3+ week in person summer schools continues our commitment to provide students with a comprehensive academic and social program that enables them to learn and grow both in and outside of the program. Each of our in person summer schools bring ...
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