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Architecture Theory and Criticism

Architecture Theory and Criticism - Master (MA) for Masters

Architecture Theory and Criticism
Faculty Faculty of Architecture

1 Hr. Smirnenski Blvd.
Sofia 1046, Bulgaria

Phone (+359 2) 963 52 45/666; +359 88 495 1079
Fax (+359 2) 865 31 48
E-mail dean_far@uacg.bg

The Architecture Theory and Criticism post graduate master degree program encourages a critical understanding of contemporary architecture and urban culture grounded in the knowledge of histories and terms of practice. It defines a sector of disciplines and capacities, which is superstructured on top of the standard architectural education, and is flying over the architecture practice process, allowing to format points of view disposed on a meta-level of architectural culture.

The program is aimed to extend the horizon of the architecture knowledge of the architects by teaching them consider the design process through its theoretical re-thinking and putting it in different contexts:

  • of specific local and universal culture of space
  • of the general field of contemporary arts
  • of the public mass media and the information flood
  • of the social and the political visions
  • of the philosophical picture of the existing

The post graduate program brings to architects the opportunity to adopt specific understandings and skills:

  • to self reflect own design capacities and design attitudes and to convert the spontaneous design process into systematic and self conscious method and strategy;
  • to develop theoretical thinking in relation to the contemporary architecture culture and to consider themselves in its contexts, trends, expressive systems and languages;
  • to interpret and format a critical judgment on current architecture history and to articulate the field of current architecture design practices.

This education program also develops the capacity of individual critical thinking and the ability to consider the architecture work as an instrument of public assertion of cultural development and political judgment.

The program consists of disciplines that are involving into the realm of architecture different fields of humanitarian knowledge like philosophy, semiology, art and architecture history, theory of science, political and cultural sciences, sociology etc., which provides a true interdisciplinary texture to the program. The general basis of the courses is composed on the structuralist and post-structuralist thought as well as wide range of current philosophy trends from neo-materialist and neo-marxist to libertarian philosophical paradigms.

For the academic coverage of the above synopsis and the corresponding program disciplines eminent specialist in the neighboring fields are invited to give lectures, lead workshops direct the substantive works of the post graduate students and control the quality of their output. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Georgi Dimitrov Stanishev – program director
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Milena Metalkova-Markova - program coordinator
Department „History and Theory of Architecture”, Faculty of Architecture
phone: +359 2 865-03-12 / int.789