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Water Supply and Sewerage
Master (MA)

Environmental Engineering
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Hydraulic Engineering
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Water Маnagement
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Water Supply, Sewerage Systems and Facilities
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Water and Wastewater Treatment
Master (MA) for Bachelors

Environmental Engineering
Bachelor (BA)

Water Supply and Sewerage - Part Time
Master (MA)

Hydraulic еngineering
Master (MA)

Hydraulic еngineering - Part Time
Master (MA)

The Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering (FHE) belonging to the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG) in its almost 70-year history is recognized as the unique authorized higher educational institution specialized in training of MSc engineers and post-graduate students (PhD) as well as awarding diplomas in the field of Water Supply and Sewage, Water and Waste Water Treatment, Hydraulic Engineering and Irrigation and Drainage Systems. 

Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering, as part of UACEG, takes part since December 2018 in Erasmus+ KA2 Project SWARM (Stranghtening of Master Curricula in WAter Resources Management for the Western Balkan HEIs and stakeholders - http://www.swarm.ni.ac.rs/ )

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The FHE training reflects the dynamic changes in the water sector and it is a response to the social request of business and institutions and labor market demands. The FHE to the UACEG is a driving force for knowledge exchange between science and engineering practice which furthers the formation of well trained contemporary specialists.

The subject “Water Supply and Sewage has two specialized degree programs – Water Supply and Sewage systems and Facilities” and “Water and Wastewater Treatment“. The subject “Hydraulic Engineering“ is specialized in the field of “Water-Power Stations and Derivative Systemsas well as “Hydraulic Structures”. The subject “Irrigation and Drainage Engineering” has two degree programs – “Irrigation Systems” and Drainage Systems”

The education in the Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering includes a basic engineering training on all fundamental building-constructional disciplines. The obtained knowledge is a solid basis for specialized training in the field of water engineering and water technologies. For this reason the subject “Hydraulic Engineering“ is considered as one of the most wide-ranged building and constructional subjects in UACEG. The subject “Water Supply and Sewage” is the only one providing an engineering qualification in the area of “Water Environmental Engineering”.

The Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering is the unique academic institution for training reclamation engineers in the field of “Irrigation and Drainage Engineering” -water sector which is absolutely necessary for the contemporary agriculture.

The Faculty of Hydraulic Engineering has a rich laboratory basis (including equipments for computer literacy) for student practical training as well as for research activity in the area of water engineering and technologies.

The FHE training meets the requirements of the European system for transfer and credits accumulation ECTS (European system reviewing the degree of students learning of the studied disciplines). This allows an authorized training of students in related European universities.

The ERASMUS program enables and subsidizes a student exchange among higher educational structures in the countries members of EU as well as in some countries out of the Union. The FHE students have the opportunity to study for one-two terms (as a rule from the fourth and fifth year) in some partner universities having bilateral agreements for exchange such as Vienna University of Technology (TU-Vienna) Austria, Technische Universitat Dresden (TU) Germany, Karlsruher Institut fűr Technologie (KIT) Germany, University of Genoa Italy; Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondhaim Norway; Brno University of Technology Ceska Republika.

By means of the Central European program of academic exchange CEEPUS, every year in the FHE a student exchange is realized with TU Vienna Austria, according to the joint training program in German language on the subject “Hydraulic Engineering”.

The FHE graduates are awarded the educational-qualification degree “Master of Science” “MSc” and obtain civil engineering state diplomas of the corresponding subjects by the UACEG. The graduates on the subject “Hydraulic Engineering” –German language education are awarded MSc civil engineering diplomas (Infrastructure Planning and Management) by the TU Vienna as well as MSc civil engineering diplomas of “Hydraulic Engineering” by the UACEG.

The successful graduates find their professional realization at design, construction-assemblage and other companies having various activities in numerous fields of building and construction such as

design, construction and operation of hydropower systems and structures, hydromeliorative systems and facilities, water supply and sewage systems and works, purification of natural water and waste water treatment (domestic and industrial wastes);

solid wastes treatments, gas supplying of settlements and buildings;

The young specialists can find jobs in institutions of ecological control such as regional inspections of environmental conservation and water (RIOCW), river basin directorates and counsels, management structures in the corresponding departments and services of ministries, regional, town and municipal counsels, investment groups belonging to different companies and enterprises. The graduates can work as teachers in technical schools and lecturers in the UACEG, in research and control laboratories, research institutions, commercial firms and agencies with subject of activity mediation and commerce in the field of building, consulting companies, firms and expert departments, civil engineers in banks, insuring companies and institutions.