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Geodesy regulated profession
Master (MA)

Geodesy is a wide-profile degree programme, allowing surveyors to perform a rich set of activities:

  • composition of large-scale and small-scale topographic maps;
  • cadastral maps;
  • grading plans;
  • plats of consolidation;
  • space development plans;
  • anti-erosion projects for agricultural land;
  • land and property valuation;
  • seismic and landslide processes studying, etc.

The length of full-time study in Geodesy is 10 semesters, the last one being used for development and presentation of a diploma project.

Land and Real Estate Management and Planning
Bachelor (BA)

In 2007–2008 academic year the Faculty of Geodesy launched a new degree programme
“Land and Real Estate Management and Planning” at Bachelor’s level.

Education is full-time, with duration of 8 semesters, the last 8 weeks of the eight semester being devoted to diploma project development.