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Water Supply, Sewerage, Water and Wastewater Treatment

This Department provides profiling taught courses for the degree programme Water Supply and Sewerage with its two specialities: Water Supply and Sewerage Systems and Facilities, and Water and Wastewater Treatment.

Hydraulic, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

The Department reads profiling taught courses for students of Hydraulic Structures programme and Hydraulic Structures speciality of Hydraulic Engineering degree programme.

Hydraulics and Hydrology
This Department delivers general taught courses for students at FHT. The lecturers of the Department read totally 9 courses within the University. In addition to FHT, the Department trains students at FTE and FGS.
Technical Mechanics

The department delivers the courses Theoretical Mechanics (Statics, Kinematics and Dynamics) and Strength of Materials, to Master and Doctoral students of FCE, FHT and FTE.


The Department holds the courses Physics, Building Physics and Applied Electrical Engineering for all degree programmes.