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Prof. Dr. Eng. Guergana Mollova

Faculty of Structural Engineering, Department Computer-Aided Engineering - Lecturer (deceased)

Prof. Dr. Eng. Guergana Mollova
Office Room B18
Student Hours

Monday: 12-13 h.
Thursday: 10-11 h.

Phone 9635245/309
E-mail mollova_fce@uacg.bg
Year Started 1992


Programming and Application of Computer Systems (PACS)
Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)


M.Sc. - Technical University of Sofia, 1988
Ph.D. - Technical University of Sofia, 1993

Language Skills

English, Russian, German

Science Interests

Digital signal processing, Digital filters, Computer-aided design, Application of digital filters for processing of accelerograms and seismic analysis, Two- and multidimensional filtering, Digital differentiators and Hilbert transformers


Member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria (USB) - since 1994
Member of the Union of Automation and Informatics in Bulgaria (UAI) - since 1996
Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.(IEEE) - since 1996

Participation in Research Projects

874-041/87 "Software Systems for Education on Network Theory and Computer-Aided Design Courses", CAS Lab.,TU-Sofia

027-09V/87 "Development of Work-Station Equipment for Electrical Engineers", CAS Lab., TU-Sofia (with Dept.of CAE, LETI-St.Petersburg, Russia)

1501-3/91 "Application of Expert System for Circuits Analysis", CAS Lab., TU-Sofia

1524-3/91 "Application of ESIS 1-A Expert System", TU- Sofia

IS-515/95 "Object-Oriented Monitoring of Executable Program Modules", UACEG-Sofia, Dept. of Computer-Aided Engineering

A/97/0413 "Computer-Aided Design of Digital Filters", DAAD Research Grant, April-June
1997, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

IMG-1050/1998 "Computer Graphics", IMG Tempus Project, March-April 1998, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

IV BUL 1059420 STP Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Grant, March 2001-April 2002, University of Elangen-Nuremberg, Germany, Follow-up Program visits, June-Sept. 2004, University of Potsdam, January 2006, April-June 2006

Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Project M992-N15 “New Methods for Design and Implementation of Multidimensional Digital Filters”, Vienna University of Technology, 2007-2008.

Academic Positions

Assistant Professor - 1992-1999
Associate Professor - 2000-2012; Professor - 2013-present
Head of Department "Computer-Aided Engineering" - 2000-2004, 2008-present
Vice Dean for Research and International Activity - 2008 - Oct. 2010



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Mollova G., W.F.G. Mecklenbraeuker, "Three-dimensional cone FIR filters design using the McClellan transform", 41st Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Pacific Grove, CA, USA, Nov.04-07, 2007, pp.1116-1120

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Mollova G., W.F.G. Mecklenbraeuker, "Design of 3-D FIR digital filters using integral squared error criterion and transformation method", Proc. 2nd WSEAS Int.Conf. on Circuits, Systems, Signal and Telecommunications, Acapulco, Mexico, Jan.25-27,2008, pp. 23-28
Mollova G.S., "Programming and application of computers, C++ language", Publ.House of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, 2004, pp.144., ISBN954-8329-62-X (University Textbook)

More Info


1995 – Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale (URSI) – Young Scientists Program Award, San Francisco, USA, October 1995 (ISSSE’95)
1997 – Deutsches Academisher Austaushdienst (DAAD) Forschungstipendium /German foreign academic exchange services/ research fellowship
1998 – Outstanding scientific achievements award – Union of Scientists in Bulgaria (USB)
1999 – Senior Member of the IEEE (Signal Processing Society)
2000 – Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship
2001 – IEEE Signal Processing Society "Valued Services and Contributions" Certificate as a SP Chapter Chair and compliments for IEEE Region 8 activities
2007 - Lise-Meitner Program Fellowship (Austrian Science Fund)



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